Puerto Deseado, Argentina. South America.

Project Brief Info and Remembrance.
Not Far From South Pole.

When that time, Singapore based company East Marine sent three of us, through Toa Harbour assignment with Taisei Corporation 1989, was winter time, temperature between - 2 to 4 Celsius. After the war Argentina and British 1989. The Project to Expansion a fishes port in Puerto Deseado not far from the Hotel Los Acantilados. 

Year 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands and other British territories in the South Atlantic [ South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands], The British sent a large expeditionary force to retake the islands leading to the Falklands War. After a short land war followed until the Falkland Islanders were also granted full British. Although the UK and Argentina since resumed diplomatic relations in 1989. 

Like, seldom people hang around in Rio Gallegos heading out instead to Calafate, south to Ushuaia or northward. Despite a surfeit of tourist offices, the town is well aware that it's not a tourist destination though if you have time just enjoy traveling all is no lost - there are a few of small museums, one or two attractive early twentieth century buildings, Day time excursion to the Penguin colony ( Area) at Cabo Vírgenes.

Hotel los Acantilados  
Address: España 1611, Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz, Argentina
WINTER - 2 to 4 Celsuis Behind me 

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Located on the southern Patagonia coast of Argentina, call it Puerto Deseado is the capital of the Santa Cruz province. Home to almost 5 thousand inhabitants on that time 1989,